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Actions to Take if Your Garage Door Stops Working

Your garage door has been working properly all along, but you wake up one morning, and it will not open or close anymore. That is an indication that underlying issues are causing the problem. Since the door is always in frequent use, various parts could wear out quickly or there could be an obstruction. Remember, your garage door plays a big part in your overall home safety and security. That means you cannot just ignore the issue. So, what do you do when the door won’t close or open anymore? This article will give you 5 actions to take.

Inspect It

The first thing you need to do if your Garage Door Las Vegas is not opening or closing is inspecting it. Inspect it visually to see if you can locate the problem. Look at the parts, the component and try to see if there is any visible damage on the door. If you cannot see any problem, then you can go to the next thing.  

Check the Photo-Eye Sensors

If you cannot see any problems or damages, the next thing you will need to do is checking the phot-eye sensors. The sensors are located at the lower part of the garage door. Confirm that nothing is obstructing the sensors and remove any debris on the way. In most cases, debris accumulates on the lower part of the garage door. The obstruction causes the problem such that the sensors assume there is an obstacle on the way.

Call a Technician

If the door cannot move any further, it is advisable to call a technician as soon as possible. The expert will inspect the door and point out the reasons why the door is not closing. He or she can determine if the door is damaged or the issues causing this problem. They can also advise if you need to replace the entire door.

Press the Keypad

Before you call the technician and you have confirmed there is no visual damage, try pressing the keypad mounted on the wall. Apply constant pressure and make sure the door touches the ground. If you can close the door using the wall-mounted keypad, that is an indication that there is a short or the battery is dead. So, you will need to check the circuit to confirm that is where the problem is.

Use the Manual Cord

If you have done all the above and the door will not still operate, then you will need to do this manually. Use the red lever to release the emergency cord. Then, lower the door slowly up to the ground. The door can stay close for safety until you get a technician to fix it.


When a garage door stops working, it means there is an issue causing the problem. Before calling an expert, it is advisable to follow the actions mentioned above. Ensure you inspect the door first for visual damages. You can close and open it manually until you get an expert to fix it. Remember, garage doors are important for safety and security. So, have the issue fixed as soon as possible.