Always Choose Wicker Plant Stands for Your Plants Which is Eco-Friendly

Many people have been trapped inside their homes being in quarantine throughout and now they want greener and greener environment around them. Most of the people there have access to their gardening spaces whereas others have a garden. Today in this guide you will come to know about plants and most importantly the plant stands which are important while planting any plants. If you have the right kind of plant stand then it can make your potted plants look even more gorgeous. Your home will look aesthetically pleasing in many ways. If you have never used a plant stand before and have kept the plants in pots then it can happen that it will be really hard to know what to look for or look for the right kind.

Wicker Plant Stands – 

A plant stand that you will be buying should be environment-friendly and biodegradable. It is recommended that you look for a plant stand that is made of biodegradable material like that wood. In that, you can choose materials like bamboo, rattan, and so on. Some of the best plants stands that you can buy is that of Wicker Plant Stands. Several different styles and kinds of wicker plant stands are being sold in the market which are very durable (provided you know how to use it, you should not pick up the stand with the pot, unless balanced equally.) Metal pots are not good pots as they can create a lot of havoc for the environment. Tin and steel metal vases take 100 years to break down and they are non-biodegradable as the microorganism does not consume the metal particles.

Plants Stands of Wood – 

So, it is recommended that you should use plant stands that are made of wood the fact that wood naturally degrades and breaks down into the earth. You can also be assured that your plants are not hanging around several 100 years from now. You should think about using plant stands that are durable. Finally, you should be buying a plant stand that is made of wood. And, the plants will thank you. But not all woods are made equal. You will get two types of wood – one there is softwood which is made from evergreen trees like pines and firs. Next, there is hardwood. Hardwood is made from deciduous trees like maple and oak. These deciduous trees are slower in growth compared to the evergreen trees and the result is that their wood is denser.

Wood Tests – 

A rule of thumb or thumb rule is that hardwood is the excellent one for the furniture and it is also durable and there is density and it doesn’t break. The wood from acacia is one of the best types of hardwood for the furniture it is the most durable, plus it has a glossy finish that will always stand out when kept in any setting. Janka test or wood test has proven it. So, always check the Janka score to know about the durability of the wood.