Exploring Broomfield, CO: Hidden Charms, Homes, And More!

Are you considering buying your dream home in a scenic, welcoming neighborhood? Broomfield, CO offers a charming small-town feeling with a big-city proximity. Living in Broomfield guarantees you a special fusion of togetherness, peace, and prosperity. If you’re contemplating taking refuge from the busy city life, Broomfield Co real estate experts North Metro Realty will help you find a perfect property in this vibrant locality. Discover the hidden charm that comes along with living in Broomfield CO.

Small-Town Feeling – Big City Access

One of the draws of Broomfield is its strategic location. Typically, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to get to the two nearby cities – Denver and Boulder. Additionally, if you’re a fan of nightlife, you won’t have to go far! Broomfield offers access to major highways and other transportation means. Its strategic location allows residents to enjoy a suburban lifestyle without sacrificing their career opportunities, and entertainment hobbies.

Things To Do in Broomfield: A Recreational Galore

Broomfield prioritizes nature trails and green spaces for recreational purposes. Some popular recreational landmarks in Broomfield include Josh’s Pond and Stearns Lake. Whether you love hiking, biking, mountain climbing, fishing, or golfing, Broomfield is a haven you’ve been seeking. Here, you can also go whitewater kayaking in Boulder, or enjoy quality time at the Anthem Community Park.

Broomfield’s Spectacular Climate

One unique feature of Broomfield is that it experiences more sunny days in a year than other nearby cities. In particular, snow, rain, and sleet fall into the city for roughly 90 days out of the year. However, even with the substantial snowfall, this charming town witnesses a gorgeous climate. The overall moderate climate ensures you can enjoy numerous outdoor activities year-round.

Homes For Sale in Broomfield: A Relatively Affordable Place

Other than having an energetic atmosphere, Broomfield is one of the most affordable places to raise a family in the entire Colorado. Thanks to its thriving industries, the job market in this area is very promising. Let’s face it! Although Broomfield’s cost of living is 20% higher than the national average, it’s cheaper to live here than in other nearby cities. Besides, the utility costs in Broomfield are 6% lower than the national average. In terms of housing costs, Broomfield isn’t far off the mark than other Colorado neighborhoods.

A Thriving Job Market

Broomfield’s spectacular natural beauty, convenience, and high-end amenities have drawn several national companies here. As a result, the unemployment rate in this town is relatively low, thanks to the optimism in the job market. Furthermore, the many advanced tech companies around this area are a major driving force of Broomfield’s local economy. The largest employers in Broomfield include CenturyLink and Oracle and they have opened branches all over the town. Living in Broomfield means you have sufficient employment opportunities to choose from.

Explore Homes for Sale in Broomfield With North Metro Realty

As you can see, there are plenty of goodies that welcome you to live in Broomfield. But, how do you maneuver your home-buying process? Broomfield real estate is a haven for discerning homebuyers and to successfully navigate it requires the expertise of a reputable realtor. If you’re set to settling in this prestigious town, the North Metro Group will help you explore and find a perfect place you can call home. Through their expertise, you will enjoy a seamless process from paperwork, and home search to closing the deal. Don’t wait any longer! Broomfield awaits! Contact the North Metro Group today and get started.