How to install wallpaper and ways to use it in a living room:

Wallpapers are a new thing for some, but it has been in society for an extended period and now they are available in many assorted colors, various designs, and the best of all you can have it all customized with a hint of your personality.

It is a job to install these wallpapers with a bit of difficulty and lots of patience you can get the work done. You need to understand how to install them and what things will be required for that you should study up on it or leave the work to the professionals.

Measurement: first measure the wall you wish to install the wallpaper onto depending on the design of the wallpaper if you wish to install a bold design then the center wall or towards attorney with a mirror that creates that spot as a focal point. Measure the length and the width of the wall and mark the Centre point. Make lines for the seams on all four sides of the wall. Leave one inch on both the top and bottom.

Prepare the wallpaper: if the wallpaper you are using is pre-pasted then you just need to install it on the points you wish to create a distinctive look. Just apply chilly water to it or go according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

If you are using another kind of wallpaper then roll out the strips, and apply plenty amount of adhesive to the backside of it. Fold over the strips so that the adhesive start working, and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes.

Hanging: after the time has passed then unfold the strip and apply the strip from the top. Some it to remove the air bubbles and slowly and gently move the paper down to remove any other edges.

You can use the wallpapers in the living rooms for varied reasons and purposes. One of the most basic uses of this is to cover the walls as the name of it says itself that it is wallpaper. You can create different areas and serve different wallpaper for every setting.

If you are not in the mood for covering the whole wall completely then you can go with just covering half of the wall without overwhelming the wall. This look was also popular in older times and still is. It creates a nice seating arrangement that can also be used to liven up the living room.

The other way to divert the focus in your living room can be done by installing wallpaper on a pillar or a center wall but make sure that you only create a single focal point in the room as it may get distracting if there are two focal points in a single room.

You can also use the same type of wallpaper as an accessory for your bookshelves which also creates a nice contrast but makes the bookshelves also look like something magical becoming a part of the room.


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