How to Make Your Home More Attractive from the Outside

When creating an impression with your home, you must focus on all parts of it equally. Each area of your home leaves its own impression, and it is extremely important for this impression to be good throughout. A home’s exterior such as patio enclosures holds its own value in this matter, especially since it is responsible for creating the first impression when someone sees your home initially. The interior of your home is already impressive enough, with gadgets such as hard wired smoke detectors doing their job to add value to each room; however, you may have to put in some extra effort to make the outside of your home more beautiful.

An attractive home has many benefits, the most major one being how it would affect your daily life. When surrounded by a comforting and ambient living space, one is bound to feel better in general. Your mood and overall quality of life can improve simply by changing the atmosphere inside and around your home, and the following tips may help you accomplish this.

Maintain your garden

The first thing someone sees when they enter your home is the lawn – this is what makes it one of the most important visual aspects of any home. How well-maintained your garden is will reflect not only on you as a homeowner, but will also set the tone for the rest of the home. A messy garden with withered plants and weeds growing everywhere might make it seem like the home isn’t taken care of properly, which could affect a visitors perception of the home, thus negatively impacting its value.

In order to properly maintain your garden, try opting for gadgets such as smart sprinklers, so the watering is done perfectly and on schedule. If you don’t have much time to take care of plants, you can always keep low maintenance plants, and not a large number of them.

Add a seating area

Nothing adds a cozy feeling to a home’s exterior than a nice seating area located in a relaxing spot. Whether it is under a tree, on the patio or even in the middle of your lawn, a seating area will create a great first impression. You can dress it up however you like, even contrasting the colors with those of the plants in your garden.

Another good idea is to add a barbeque area, or some other similar place which can remove some monotony from a possibly too-green garden. This also promotes the idea of a productive activity, and demonstrating something else the garden can be utilized for can be very impressive to certain buyers as well.

Light it well

Good lighting can change the look of any space drastically. With all the different available options and some creativity, you can completely transform your home’s exterior by creating the perfect highlights and shadows. The lights can be positioned around the seating area to illuminate its best features, or to bring attention to the plants you have worked so hard to grow. The right kind of artificial lighting can bring out the right colors and create a lively glow anywhere outside your home.

Using lights on stone paths or on the front porch will also give a beautiful look, provided you use the right kind of lights. For this purpose, it is often good to use soft, warm toned lights, since they give the best impact and cast shadows in the most artistic manner.

Add texture

If you want to create an even more enchanting look using lights, adding texture to certain areas might help. Textured walls or floors are a great way to add depth to any area. You can also enhance the existing features of a space by combining texture with lighting.

As mentioned previously, a stone path is a great way to create this depth. You can add character to a flat surface by creating any kind of texture on it, and the best part is that it can be done right from home! A lot of DIYs can guide you through the process of adding texture to the walls of your home without needing any professional assistance, allowing you to customize your home exactly according to your preference. This is also a great creative outlet for homeowners, and a good opportunity to experiment with art.

Balance the ratio

The space occupied by your home and garden is important when it comes to an overall look. You can try to increase the area of the garden, since it could end up making the space look much more open. It is important to plan the landscape out in your head and then implement it on the house itself, and for this purpose, you can definitely consult someone with more experience. This may also help you ensure that the outer space of your home is being utilized to its fullest extent.


A home that looks good is not only greater in value, it also impacts the lives of its residents. Living in a home which looks the best it can will directly affect how you function throughout the day, increasing your productivity and keeping you from feeling too low. Being surrounded by the right colors, lighting and décor will help you be more creative, work better and feel much more relaxed in your home, making it the most comfortable space for you.

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