Keeping Your Swimming Pool Cool: Essential Tips and Tricks

Swimming pools are essential parts of our lives, especially during hot summer days. We look forward to spending time in our swimming pool and enjoying its benefits. But maintaining a well-functioning swimming pool also requires some basic upkeep, and many homeowners don’t consider these things until something goes wrong.

The Importance of Your Pool Pump

Many people ignore that the pool pump is crucial to keeping the swimming pool in good condition. The swimming pool pump helps circulate water. Your pool won’t stay cool if the pump isn’t working properly. If this happens, you might grow algae in it. With the help of a Chandler custom swimming pool builder, let’s see how the pool pump helps you cool your swimming pool.

Your Pool Pump Works Better During Evening & Night Hours

By running your pool’s circulation system at night, you can lower the temperature of your swimming pool. Even if it’s only a degree or two, it will make a significant difference throughout the day. Are there water features in your swimming pool, such as fountains or waterfalls? If so, you can use them at night to hasten your pool’s cooling process.

The Installation of a Mechanical Evaporative Cooler

Your pool builder can install the swimming pool’s plumbing system with a mechanical evaporative cooler after pumping and filtering the pool. But it should also be installed before the salt chlorine generator. The water is cooled by these coolers using fans as it passes through the evaporative cooler system. You can reduce the water temperature in your swimming pool by up to 10°F (6°C) by using an evaporative cooler in the evening.

Benefits of Mechanical Evaporative Coolers

Mechanical evaporative coolers have some benefits, including large reductions in your pool’s water temperature and low upfront and ongoing costs.

Install a Swimming Pool Heat/Cool Pump with Reverse Cycle

Similar to the mechanical cooler, your pool’s plumbing system also includes a reverse-cycle heat pump in addition to a pump, filter, and salt chlorine generator. To keep the water temperature of the swimming pool at a particular level, these heat pumps use a refrigerant. They do this by operating either a heating or cooling cycle. Other versions of reverse-cycle heat pumps can switch between the heating and cooling cycles, while some merely have an on/off control.

Contact a Reliable Custom Swimming Pool Builder

If you have any additional questions or concerns about cooling your swimming pool, please get in touch with Florida Pool Patio. We’re here to help you customize your swimming pool to meet your demands and take advantage of the summertime. Call us now to get a custom free quote!

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