Moving to the Florida Coast: What Is It Like to Live in Downtown Sarasota?

Boasting classically modern architecture and an unrivaled historic charm, Downtown Sarasota offers upscale urban living at its best. The skyline is painted by tall cosmopolitan buildings that bring up images of Manhattan, and the green spaces and hiking trails bring you back to nature. Combining all these aspects, Downtown Sarasota is vibrant yet walkable, connected yet tranquil, and modern yet cultured. If you are considering investing in Downtown Sarasota real estate, here is what the town is like.

Real Estate

According to Downtown Sarasota real estate agent Ian McPherson, Downtown Sarasota is where you go when you want variety. The housing market is rich and complex, with homes ranging from high-rise apartments and modern condos with private outdoor space to townhouses and single-family homes. The historic Burns Court neighborhood is set apart from the bustling neighborhood and is the best place to raise a family. It also comprises many parks and green spaces in Downtown Sarasota.  

Because of the area’s proximity to the town’s biggest and best amenities, homes in Downtown Sarasota are offered at a premium. The average rent price is about $2,150. On the other hand, buying a house may set you back at least $600,000 for a condo. You can find homes for as low as $400,000, but these are fixer-uppers that need repairs and renovations. 

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

Away from the housing market, there are many things to do in Downtown Sarasota. Downtown Sarasota, and Sarasota as a whole, is famous for its vibrant arts scene. The area is home to the world-renowned Sarasota Film Festival, the Circus Arts Conservatory, the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School, Sarasota Contemporary Dance, the Sarasota Ballet, the Asolo Repertory Theatre and the Sarasota Opera House. Whatever the time of year, there is always something happening here.

Dining Scene

Downtown Sarasota also boasts a wide range of eateries, restaurants, and farmer’s markets for your culinary needs. Local staples include Mattison’s and Patrick’s, which serve delicious foods in stunning but welcoming settings. OfKors Bakery and Lila are new in town but just as popular. If you prefer to make your own food, the Sarasota Farmers Market is a community hub with fresh and local ingredients. You can enjoy a glass of wheatgrass, shop for candles, throw back a coffee, and more. Downtown Sarasota is also located next to the Bay, so you can enjoy your meal by the water.

Growth and Urbanization

Downtown Sarasota is an economic hub with a booming economy. Naturally, it is experiencing rapid growth and urbanization. This may not always sit well with families, commuters, and people who prefer a suburban lifestyle, but the development means more modern amenities and job opportunities.

Explore Downtown Sarasota Real Estate with Ian McPherson

Sarasota is derived from the Spanish Sarasote or Sara Zota, which is believed to mean “a place of dancing” – and Downtown Sarasota lives up to this name. This vibrant yet cultured community boasts a lively art and culture scene, a booming business center, a wide range of homes, green spaces, and a hiking trail. If you wish to move here, contact local expert and renowned real estate agent Ian McPherson to discuss how to buy a home in Downtown Sarasota and turn your dream home into a reality.