Protecting Your House from Firewood Pests

Nothing is more cozy for humans to curl up by the fireside in the fall and winter. Unfortunately, adding firewood to your home could end up inviting a host of new pests into the warm, sheltered space that is your living room.

When the weather becomes chilly, these winter pest control ideas will prevent this scenario from occurring and keep your house bug-free! Read on to find out which pests to be cautious about around firewood, how to recognize the first signs of a pest problem, and every detail you need for termite treatment and management. If you cannot control pests by yourself, contact Pointe Pest Control

Safeguarding your home from firewood pests

When the weather becomes cold, we all struggle to find ways to remain warm. While many relate winter with turning up the thermostat, others associate it with lighting a fire in the fireplace and enjoying a relaxing evening.

Unfortunately, when you bring firewood inside, it tends to attract pests that infest the wood and spread around your house. Even while the wood may not seem home to an infestation, it might be disguised deep within a gallery hidden from sight.

So, how do you keep your firewood safe, ready to burn, and well-maintained if you have to store it outdoors?

Termite Warning Signs in Your Firewood

To prevent termites along with other wood-loving bugs from your house, it is essential to check your firewood before bringing it inside. The following methods will help you check your firewood for termites as well as other pests:

  • Check for any tunnels or holes in the wood around the logs’ edges. You definitely have a wood-boring bug problem if sawdust is all over the tunnels. You undoubtedly have a termite problem if there are mud tracks surrounding the outside of the wood.
  • Tap on the wood. If it generates a hollow sound, termites are inside the wood.
  • Look for any marks, lines, or warped wood on the outside.
  • Watch for any indications of movement within the wood, such as clicking sounds. 

Never bring your firewood inside if you notice any of these warning signs on it! Pests are going to be introduced to your house by you. Rather, dispose of the wood.

Tips for Keeping Firewood to Avoid Pests 

These are a few innovative methods to store firewood that is resistant to termites, wasps, beetles, and other wood-boring pests.

  • Use bricks, blocks of concrete, plastic pallets, or other non-wood items to keep your firewood off the ground. 
  • Ensure that the firewood is stored away from the house’s side. Ensure that it is at least three feet away from the walls if you are going to stack it tightly. Insects have the power to bore straight through the sides of your house from firewood if it is in close proximity to the walls. 
  • When keeping firewood outdoors, keep the piles away from any trees to prevent possible winter pest infestation and permanent damage. 
  • Make sure to clean any kind of wood debris or logs around your house to avoid bringing in wood pests inside them.

If the firewood pests become a problem, make sure to get in touch with a pest control company.