Silk Oriental Rug: Cleaning Tips and More 

Silk is making a comeback in the Oriental rug market. The sheer, delicate appearance of this gorgeous material makes it a must-have for any room. But the material’s softness makes it prone to stains and grime. However, with Rug Cleaning Sydney, you can keep your silk rugs spotless.


Tip 1: Use a Silk Rug Shampoo to clean your rug

Silk oriental area rugs should be cleaned at least once every six months. It is necessary to use the right shampoo for this type of cloth, found online or at specialist stores. The best suitable shampoo for silk carpets will be a soft, non-toxic formula made specifically for this sort of carpeting.

Tip 2: Vacuum Your Rug

Your silk oriental area rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week. The vacuum should be outfitted with the necessary gear, such as an upholstery or stair attachment. Vacuum cleaning your rug will help eliminate dust and allergens that have built on it over time, as well as prevent spills from soaking into the rug’s deep fibres.

Tip 3: Avoid allowing water to sit on the silk.

Allowing water to sit on the surface of any form of fabric for an extended period might harm the fibre material used in the rug. Instead, soak up any standing water with a cloth and then wipe the area with another dry piece of fabric or towel.

Tip 4: Never Use Bleach To Clean A Silk Rug

Bleach is a harsh cleaning solution that might damage the silk threads in your rug. It will destroy your rug’s texture and substance. Other bleach alternatives that are safer and simpler to clean are available.


How to Clean a Silk Oriental Rug?


Silk Oriental rugs are ideal for every room in the house and are frequently opulent. However, it is critical to maintaining them clean so that the colours do not fade or, worse, bleed into other areas of your carpeting. These rugs are extremely sensitive and must be cleaned with extreme caution. Here are some best ways of silk oriental rug cleaning:

  • Use distilled water to clean

If you’re seeking a safe way to clean your silk carpets, consider washing them with distilled water. All you need to do is pour some distilled water over the surface of the rug to soak up the dirt and filth. Then, using a hand brush, carefully clean away all the contaminants. Make cautious not to use too much pressure, or you may harm your rug. Then, using a garden hose, hose away all of the water.

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar both work well

Many other individuals recommend cleaning your silk oriental rug using baking soda and vinegar since they are natural materials that will not affect the rug’s fabric. Simply apply a mixture of both agents to the stain, allow it to sit for around 30 minutes, scrub with a brush or cloth if needed, wash well with water, and allow to air dry.

  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Stains, mildew, mould, and odours from the rug may all be removed using hydrogen peroxide. The wonderful part about hydrogen peroxide solution is that it is completely natural and harmless, unlike harsh chemicals that may damage your carpeting. Pour some hydrogen peroxide over the surface of the rug and leave it to rest for a few hours. Then, using a hand brush, clean the rug’s surface to eliminate all stains and filth. Using a yard hose, remove all of the hydrogen peroxides.

The best approach to keep silk carpets in good condition is to hire rug cleaning service providers who are well-versed in their craft. They will be able to devote the necessary attention to the dirty area, so if you want to get the most out of your silk rug, you should engage a professional cleaner.

Professional cleaners have years of experience cleaning silk or any other rugs. These professionals use safe detergents and cleaning techniques to clean the delicate flooring without any complications or further damages. However, you have to search for the best company offering top-notch rug cleaning Sydney and other areas before making a final move. Research well and hire a firm that offers green and guaranteed rug cleaning. All the best for your hunt!

When we create a house, we want to decorate it according to our preferences. We want to make it distinctive and unorthodox to retain our quality of life. Area Rugs are the ideal alternative for decorating our homes without breaking the budget. Also, keeping these rugs well-maintained is not that tricky. All you have to do is, follow some rug care tips and hire professionals every once or twice a year. 

So, take care of your valuable silk oriental rug and keep it beautiful always.