Things to consider when looking for an architecture partner in Canada

The data center infrastructure is at the heart of IT architecture. Recognizing its centrality, the IT firms carefully select an architectural partner for building their data centers.

For instance, the Stendel Reich data center architecture is a popular choice in Canada for many firms.

This article attempts to throw light on data center architecture and help you choose a good partnering firm for architectural support.

Let’s begin!

Why is data center architecture critical to a firm?

The data center architecture deals with the design of data center infrastructure and executing it to create the physical infrastructure.

The data center houses the computational power, storage, and applications necessary to support an enterprise. It is the infrastructure through which all content is sourced or passed.

The data center design should be judged on the flexibility it allows in deploying and supporting new services.

The data center architecture is seen as a layered process that provides a blueprint for data center development. Hence, it is of critical importance to a firm.

How should you choose a data center architecture firm?

  • The architectural experience in building data centers is an important factor of consideration while selecting a firm. The track record and reputation can aid in gauging the performance.
  • The architectural partners should be committed to the standards of service delivery set by the client. The attention to detail in the client’s requirements should be factored in during selection.
  • The architectural partner should have expertise in developing buildings and equipment with modularity to respond to the client’s needs in the long run.
  • The resourcefulness of the firm in dealing with the hardware and software components of the data center comes in handy for the client. The partnering firm should meet high-quality standards in power generator systems, cloud architecture, server capacity, uplink bandwidth, port density, etc.
  • The layered approach of the firm in building the data center is important to ensure the reliability and scalability of the design.
  • The architectural firm should offer services at competitive pricing to meet the client’s budgetary requirements. Further, support in non-architectural matters related to real estate and lease negotiations provide a strategic advantage to the client.

Concluding thoughts

Choosing the right partner for data center architecture services is of utmost importance for any enterprise business. Hence, businesses should carefully select a partner with the relevant experience and expertise to lay a strong infrastructural foundation for their business.