Top Areas People Forget to Clean in Their Singapore Properties

Top Neglected Spots in Cleaning Commercial Buildings

You may be one of those obsessives about cleaning. Tabletops should be pristine, floors with high foot traffic should be mopped or vacuumed, and bathrooms should be spotless. But how often do you clean your baseboards, ceilings, walls, or furniture? Probably once or twice a year, or never? 

There are tons of places in our office or stores that we forget to pay attention to. And if you want to ensure the safety and comfort of working in a fully clean space, you have to recognize the spots that need more frequent cleanings. Here, we will go over the usual areas people often neglect when cleaning commercial establishments. 

Furniture and Upholstery

The biggest enemy of cleaning commercial spaces are the organisms we cannot see with our naked eyes- germs, viruses, and mites. The wind, pets, and most especially people bring them into the room. And the usual materials of furniture and upholstery make them the ideal breeding place for these microscopic organisms. Forgetting to clean these objects poses great threats for the people frequenting the room.

Big Machinery and the Spaces Behind Them

People often forget to clean behind heavy machines like photocopying or printer machines. Or worse, they opt not to avoid the effort of moving the equipment. But if you do look behind these machines, you’ll find a collection of dust and even other random objects. 

Don’t forget about the machines themselves! People touch these objects, and we don’t know where their hands have been. Periodically dusting or wiping your printers and photocopiers will also enhance the quality of your prints.

Ducts and Vents

We don’t usually see the condition of ducts and vents, so cleaning them often slips from our minds. But forgetting to clean them could compromise the air quality and the health of your working staff. Ducts and vents should be cleaned at least once a year. And don’t overlook those vent covers, too!


Most often, we only clean walls when cobwebs start to collect between corners, and when they develop visible stains. But you’d be surprised at how germs and other disease-causing organisms can cling to walls, especially those with textures and wallpapers. Be sure to clean the walls with frequent wiping downs, at least once every month. 

Exterior Window and Skylights

There are places we tend not to clean frequently because of the difficulty of the process. Examples of these cases include cleaning exterior windows and skylights. And cleaning these areas is even harder if your office is on the top floor of a high-rise building. You can always solve this issue by hiring a professional cleaning crew who are experts in cleaning hard-to-reach areas like exterior windows and skylights.

Competent Commercial Cleaning Services in Singapore

Cleaning commercial areas should not only focus on the common areas where people tend to gather. Rather, it should be thorough especially on areas considered as germ hotspots. To ensure this, you can opt for professional cleaning services which guarantee competency and efficiency. 

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