Transform Your Malibu Home with These 4 Garden Ideas

Nothing compounds the excitement and adventure of living in Malibu Beach more than a home garden. A yard, patio, or outdoor terrace that you can call your own opens up many opportunities for landscaping and design. And if you think of your garden as an extension of your home, there are countless ways you can design the structure, foliage, roofing and materials to create that wow factor your Malibu Beach home is yearning for. Here are four tips and trends to get you started.

Get More from Your Plants

Because Malibu Beach real estate is not popular for large expanses of land – California lot sizes are some of the smallest in the country – efficiency in your outdoor space is key. Try to get the most out of your plants by planting multi-purpose species. You can get fruits and flowers plus air purification from one plant, specifically espaliers and fruit trees. In this spirit, consider swapping your ornamental shrubs for raspberry and blueberry bushes and regular potted plants for rosemary, catmint, and fennel. 

Go Green

As more homeowners make the switch to eco-friendly living, you can extend sustainable practices to your farm. One of the best ways to do this is through recycling, repurposing, and upcycling materials from your garden or home. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, this can also add an air of experimentation and artsy sophistication to your outdoor space. Trends to consider include repurposing indoor mirrors as outdoor mirrors, reusing brick, hanging solar-powered lanterns from trees, repurposing old pots and tires for planting, and more.

Replace Lawns with Flower Beds

Lawns were once the hallmark of the outdoor space, especially in single-family homes. However, lawns are very high maintenance, requiring a lot of fertilizer, water, and daily care to grow well and stay green. This is why more and more families are turning away from the traditional lawn. To add some excitement to your front lawn, consider swapping the grass for raised beds of plants or vegetables. You can grow succulents, fruit trees, local vegetables, bushes, hedges, and flowers.  

Unique Plants for a Unique Look

One of the joys of Malibu life is the beautiful warm weather and Mediterranean climate. The conditions, which are ideal for a wide range of plants and trees, allow for a lot of flexibility and experimentation in your garden. Another great way to breathe life into your garden is to grow unique plants from ancient or endangered plant families. In addition to saving a species, doing this can give your garden an exotic air and set it apart from other gardens. A great example that both looks good and grows well is the cycad, an ancient plant that resembles ferns and palms.  

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