Using Family Outdoor Time to the Fullest

In addition to enhancing the outside attractiveness of your home and outdoor area, a new patio cover will allow you to make use of the space in ways you had not previously considered. This is so that you may enjoy the region in a setting that is safer. The majority of individuals believe that adding a patio cover will increase their living space, but they are ignorant of the possibility that having more space can encourage more family activities to be done outside.

Selecting the patio covers in Boise, Idaho, that will be installed in your house is the first step. The action will ramp up after that, and you may start creating new memories. Learn more about the many patio cover options you have access to, as well as some family-friendly activities, by reading on.

Many Designs

Patios and decks are often covered with awnings to give shade. As both their outer design and the components required to make them have improved greatly since their conception, it is impossible to believe that the Roman Empire was the first culture to explore awnings in detail.

Today’s surroundings favor downward-pointing awnings. The awning’s design causes everything that comes into touch with it to be quickly dragged away from it. Awnings continue to be popular because they provide customers with several options. Awnings are divided into two categories: retractable and permanent. Retractables may be motorized or manually controlled according to your needs.

Devices Driven by the Sun

Solar screens are intended to provide great sun protection, as their name suggests. They won’t obstruct your ability to see the outside world, but they will make it more challenging to comprehend what is going on inside. The screen is designed to be hung vertically and acts as a protective screen rather than a covering, in contrast to the other coverings discussed in this article. In houses with southern exposures, it is customary to retract them to save energy.

vinyl-made patio covers

These vinyl patio coverings may be utilized alone or in combination with an existing building structure because of their versatility. The joists and header, respectively, the bulk of them are constructed from vinyl 2×4 and vinyl 2×6. The ground, concrete, or wood decks are all ideal areas for installation. These patio coverings are made of a substance that can support the weight of plants and porch swings.

The use of a patio cover with louvers and the illusion of being layered is one possibility. Darker colors and simple, uncomplicated lines set this method apart. This kind of patio cover is provided by Butte Fence, and it is absolutely worth considering since it adds beauty to the area you wish to cover.

What Advantages Come With More Outdoor Time?

Spend more time outside with your family since a patio cover increases your living area and offers shade. Think about the following concepts:

Mud Cakes

A really happy childhood requires some time spent playing in the mud. If you want a happy childhood, you have to get dirty. It is imperative that you do this. Make mud pies later in the day. In terms of dimensions and final product aesthetics, pies may be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You may decorate with fruit clusters, branches, leaves, and stones of various sizes. You should have a pie-making competition and provide a prize to the baker who produces the most original or aesthetically appealing pie.

Raised Gardens

A calming and nutritious outdoor activity for the whole family may be working in the garden. Whether growing vegetables or flowers, gardening may be good for the entire family. When children eat food that they have produced themselves, they learn the value of working hard to achieve something that will benefit them both physically and mentally.

If your yard is small, you may want to think about installing raised beds on your patio or deck. The patio cover’s shadow may be advantageous for plants that thrive in the shade. If you use the outside grill, the plants will fill the patio with a delightful aroma.

S’mores Around the Campfire

In the backyard, over a fire you built yourself, you can make s’mores. Make s’mores and relax in a hammock or read a book beneath the patio cover while taking in the sky. Set up chairs and blankets on the patio.

Sidewalk and Patio Art

Playing with colored chalk is not only more affordable, but it may also inspire original thought and provide hours of family pleasure. On the concrete of the patio, sidewalk, or driveway, you are free to draw significant works of art, game boards, murals, or even thought-provoking hopscotch. Even playing meaningful hopscotch is conceivable. Although learning the alphabet or improving handwriting with chalk is a terrific way to accomplish both of these goals at once, this activity is not only enjoyable but also informative.

Building a Fort

You can create a cozy patio fort for the whole family with the help of some patio furniture, blankets, and pillows. A common outdoor activity that may keep a family entertained for a long time, both during construction and after the fort is built, is building forts.

Constructing Faerie Homes

A fanciful and enjoyable activity, building a fairy house may be done with nearly any natural material. A few examples of organic materials that may be used to construct fairy homes are stones, sticks, and twigs. Gather moss, twigs, stones, sticks, and fallen leaves to build fairy homes in your yard. Homes made of natural materials are more attractive to fairies. Small birdhouses and dilapidated stumps may be made into visually attractive environments for children. The only materials required are paint and adhesive, and assembly is straightforward.

Rock Painting

A wonderful way to pass the time is to paint on pebbles while they are protected by the patio. To do this craft, you only need the right colors, a paintbrush, some clean stones, and an original idea in your head. Rocks may be hand-painted with distinctive patterns, inscribed with motivational sayings, or even sculpted to resemble different animals. Use your creativity, be in a good mood, and have fun—those are the only rules for painting rocks. Absolutely nothing is out of order.


As you can see, adding a patio cover to your deck or patio will not only allow you to make better use of the space you have, but it will also provide you with more free time to enjoy yourself with your family. Visit our website at for more details on this and other services provided by Butte Fence. You will then have the choice to talk with a specialist who will guide you through the process of choosing the sort of patio cover that is appropriate for your particular house.