What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

Mosquitoes may eat several things depending on their age and gender. Both male and female mosquitoes suck nectar from flowers and other plants. However, it is the female mosquitoes that require a unique diet. When you feel a mosquito bite on your arm, it is a female one that requires a blood meal to nourish its eggs. 

Contrary to popular belief, these flying pests do not drink blood. They are attracted to the sweet nectar of flowers, just like butterflies, and help in pollination. Blood is only a small portion of their diet. Having blood-sucking insects flying around your house and biting you can be annoying. Get professional Pest Control in Carrollton today. 

What do mosquitoes eat?

Believe it or not, blood is not the only meal for mosquitoes. In fact, the female mosquito sucks human blood for the purpose of reproduction only. The diet of a mosquito depends upon its age or life stage. 

  • Larvae survive in water and feed on the bacteria and other microorganisms found there. 
  • In the pupal stage, they do not eat at all. 
  • When the pupal turns into a full-grown adult, whether male or female, it feeds on the nectar of plants and flowers. 

However, the female feeds upon not only human blood but also blood from small mammals, snakes, birds, and more. 

Do all mosquitoes bite?

Generally, yes. Mosquitoes can be classified into different categories depending upon the host they choose for their blood meal. 

Male mosquitoes do not bite at all. They feed on sweet substances like plant or flower nectar for their meal. They do not need human blood for their survival or for the reproductive procedure. 

Only female mosquitoes bite humans and other mammals to reproduce. However, it is important to know that every species of mosquitoes needs human blood for their survival. 

What to do after a mosquito bite?

We often do not pay attention to mosquito bites and ignore them, considering it is no big deal. However, mosquito bites are known to spread various diseases. Taking precautions and necessary actions are important to prevent any major thing from occurring. Here are a few steps to take after a mosquito bite. 

  • Clean the area with normal water and soap properly. 
  • If you notice swelling, apply an ice pack for at least 10-15 minutes to the area. 
  • Over over the counter medicine or cream to the itchy area. 

How big are male mosquitoes?

Although male mosquitoes are tiny, they are nettlesome. An adult male mosquito measures about 0.4 inches. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between a male and female as they are very close in relative size. 

Females are slightly larger than males. A female mosquito’s size expands a little if she has recently consumed blood. However, it is a temporary course. 

How long do mosquitoes survive without feeding?

A mosquito’s life span is already very short. Females live for about 50-60 days, while males only survive for a maximum of 10 days. Not getting any meal will shorten a mosquito’s life span, which is already very short. A female mosquito can die within a couple of days if she does not manage to get any food source.