7 Effective Ways to Win the Battle Against Dust

Dust is present in all American homes, no matter how clean they are, but for those homes that follow some, or all, of the 7 steps below, the amount of dust present, will be minimal:

  1. Try to clean a little, every day

Create a daily house cleaning schedule that you can work with, and try to do a little cleaning every day, to help keep on top of dust levels. If every day is too much for you, at least try to squeeze a little cleaning in every other day.

  1. Start at the top and work your way down

Who wants to clean an area of their home only to have to do it all over again because they didn’t do it right? Start at the top of a room and work your way down, that way any dust and debris that is dislodged and falls down to the floor or onto furniture, can be cleaned just once.

  1. Keep all surfaces dust free

While you want to prevent the level of dust in your home by keeping your windows closed and investing in an air purifier, you’ll inevitably still find some dust, and cleaning it off of all surfaces with a microfiber cloth, regularly (or using the attachment on your vacuum cleaner), will help to keep it at a minimum.

  1. Wash bedding often

Ideally, your bedding should be washed every week, but if this isn’t workable for you, then try to do it at least once a fortnight. This will help to keep dust mites at bay, and prevent them from taking over your home, and your bed!

  1. Make your vacuum cleaner your best friend

Vacuum cleaners really are the most efficient and effective items when it comes to helping you eliminate dust in the home, and the more often you vacuum, the cleaner and less dusty your home will be.

  1. Get rid of all unnecessary clutter

Dust loves clutter, and if you want to keep dust to a minimum and reduce the amount of dusting and vacuuming you have to do, a clutter-free home will help enormously.

  1. Purchase HEPA air filters

You can also buy vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, but if you use a high-efficiency particulate air filter (or purifier), you can help trap pollen, dust mites and pet dander before you breathe them in.

Dust is difficult to eliminate completely, but the more often you clean your home, the less dusty it will be, and that’s a simple fact. If you don’t have the time to clean your home as often as is necessary, why not try hiring a cleaning service? With the right equipment, techniques, systems and work ethics, they can keep your home free from dust, all day every day.