Buying A Villa At Lake Como In 2022

There are certain things that defy explanation. To say that Lake Como is an attractive location due to its beauty and culture would be an understatement, yet it’s pointless trying to break down and quantify its appeal and benefits.

This place persists as a natural wonder, both for its nature, and its human activity. What is indisputable is that Lake Como has been a magnet for the elite for good reasons.

At 146 square kilometres and 400 metres deep, the lake is the third largest in Italy, and provides the backdrop to a unique part of the country. Being so close to both the Alps and the city of Milan, Lake Como enjoys a particularly convenient geographic location, both for nature and human activity.

For those reasons and others, it’s good to keep an eye out for Lake Como villas for sale. Wealthy and powerful members of society have taken up residence in the lake area, permanent or otherwise, since ancient Roman times.

This trend has continued unabated to this day, and the beautiful villas of the area are how people stake their claim to the place.

The Area

As previously mentioned, the lake encompasses an area of 146 square kilometres as a body of water. Life and human activity can be found all around the lake, but a few central towns comprise the majority of activity in the area. These places are:

  • ComoLocated at the southwestern forked-tip of the lake, Como is the largest city (in relative terms) in the lake area with a population of roughly 85,000 people, and an area of 37 square kilometres. This city offers all the amenities and attributes of a small city, while maintaining a calm small town feel. It is also the main gathering place for tourists and visitors.
  • Lecco Located at the south-eastern tip of the lake, opposite Como in a manner of speaking, Lecco is the second largest town on the shores of the lake. While still maintaining a sizable population of roughly 50,000 inhabitants, the atmosphere in this town is noticeably calmer and slower, and places it at a safe distance for the vortex of tourist activity that can be found in the town Como itself.
  • Bellagio In Bellagio things start to become truly interesting. Situated north and in between Como and Lecco, and in the centre of the forked shape of the lake, Bellagio takes you closer to the Alps, and further away from the bustle of human activity that can be found on the southern banks of the lake. It is a much smaller town than the previous two, at less than 4000 residents.
  • Menaggio Going just slightly north of Bellagio, the town of Menaggio can be found on the western bank of the lake. Roughly the same size as Bellagio, Menaggio is a great place from which to explore the outdoor activities of Lake Como, and connect with the Lake’s endless natural attractions.
  • VarennaSitting opposite Menaggio on the eastern bank of the lake, Varenna is the smallest town, with fewer than 1000 inhabitants. Its vilas are said to be some of the most beautiful in the world, offering a unique vantage point for observing nature, people, and history.

Why Take An Interest In Como

Having been an important holiday resort for high ranking members of society since Roman times, Lake Como has persisted through the millennia and centuries to this day, maintaining its natural attributes, carrying countless lifetimes of culture and tradition.

Como has also managed to remain relevant as ever to modern times as well, being a place where newly minted central figures, be they owners of tech companies or admired artists come to spend their holidays and rub shoulders with one another. This creates a particular atmosphere, of being surrounded by classical beauty, still hearing the echoes of lives lived ages ago, but also being very much connected to the very centre of our present world.

Being there is being at a safe distance from the hustle and bustle of the centres of human activity, but certainly not nowhere.