Can Solar Panels Really Slow Down Climate Change?

The climate of Earth has experienced many changes and cycles throughout history. The last ice age ended almost 12,000 years ago, marking the start of modern climate and human civilization.

According to scientists and experts, the increase in global temperatures is due to the absorption of sunlight by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. This radiation does not escape into the atmosphere; instead, it is captured by the pollutants and causes the planet to heat up.

The global temperature has increased in the past 50 years at a rate that is unprecedented compared to the previous few thousand years. Experts believe this is because of human activity over the past century. There is ample evidence to support that claim: 15 of the 16 hottest years that NASA has recorded have been since 2000. 2016 and 2020 are the hottest years.

Other evidence of climate change is the rising ocean temperatures, melting ice, glacial retreat, rising sea level, and extreme weather events.

This Is Why It Matters

It’s getting hotter. Is that not the price we have to pay for electricity and modern technology? Scientists already see the impacts of climate change, such as shrinking glaciers, changes in animal and plant populations, rising sea levels, and intense heat waves.

If current trends continue, temperatures will rise more frequently, resulting in increased weather changes, changes in precipitation, droughts, extreme heatwaves, hurricanes stronger, flooding from rising sea levels, erosion, heavier downpours, and insect outbreaks. This will have a negative impact on human civilization in many ways. It could result in lower agricultural yields and fewer water supplies. There would also be health and safety consequences from high heat, flooding, and economic impacts globally.

What Can Be Done?

Climate change is a global problem that is complex and has no easy solution. Because greenhouse gases can linger in the atmosphere for many centuries, future generations will be affected by them. There are many ways to reduce carbon emissions and decrease the number of greenhouse gases that are currently being released into our atmosphere.

We must decrease greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere in order to combat climate change. Our goal is to decrease human interference in the climate and give ecosystems enough time to adapt to climate change. This will ensure that the climate doesn’t have an adverse effect on food production and economic development. This can be done by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Panels’ Environmental Impact

After solar panels have been installed, they begin to produce clean energy. This energy can be used as an alternative to power plants that emit harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Solar panels produce energy that does not require fossil fuels. The average American household will consume approximately 180,000 kilowatts per year over the 25-year lifespan of a solar panel.

A power plant uses coal to heat water at high temperatures to produce electricity. A power plant needs to burn approximately 80 tons of coal in order to produce 180,000 kilowatts.

It will reduce the consumption of 80 tons of coal over the 25-year average lifespan of a solar panel system. The panels prevent 80 tons of coal from being used in energy production. These 80 tons of coal are equivalent to 150 tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to planting 4,000 trees or taking off two cars that would have traveled 200,000 miles each.

Solar panels can also be used to produce electricity, which will reduce water consumption. Power plants require coal, which has poor local air quality. They also require millions of gallons to generate electricity and cool down machines and generators. The average American will reduce their water consumption by 4,000,000 gallons by going solar.

These large savings will enable local ecosystems that have been dehydrated to rebuild and hopefully return their natural state to one where animals and plants can thrive.

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