6 Ways To Reduce Single-Use Plastic

1. Use reusable shopping bags In the US, there are 100 billion disposable plastic bags per year. You can keep a few reusable shopping bags in your purse and car so that you don’t forget them while you go to the shops.

2. Shop at the farmers’ market

Local Farmers’ Markets can be a great place to find fresh food without plastic packaging. The produce will also be more sustainable and last longer.

3. Enjoy your coffee in a reusable cup

Single-use coffee cups will likely end up in landfills. This means that it will take many years for them to be recycled. You can take a reusable coffee cup with you, and some coffee shops even offer a discount.

4. Get bottles to swap for bars

Bars are a better alternative to multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Bars are less energy-intensive to make and last longer. They also don’t contain harsh detergents or sulfates.

5. Discard bottled water

Each year, the US uses approximately 17 million barrels worth of oil to produce plastic water bottles. With more taps available in public places, it’s easier to use a reusable water bottle while on the move.

6. Avoid plastic straws

Plastic straws are often found in the oceans of the world, causing harm to marine life and the environment. You can use metal or paper straws in your drinks if you don’t like the look of plastic straws.

The popularity of environmentally friendly versions of common products is increasing all over the globe. Reusable items such as utensils, personal care products, and utensils can be purchased now using materials such as coconut shells and bamboo.

While we may not always be able to choose a more environmentally-friendly option, these 6 tips can help you make a significant impact without changing your lifestyle.

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