Don’t Ignore Furnace Noise

To avoid big troubles, it is necessary to start noticing small issues. Likewise, slight problems with the furnace may lead to a minor cost of repair, which is around $300. However, ignoring those problems may lead you to replace the furnace as it will be damaged completely without repair and maintenance. Replacement would cost you around $5,500. There is a way to avoid this cost. Usually, homeowners try to avoid the noises that come from their furnaces. However, noises are alarming that need services and maintenance. Let’s explore what kind of noises you should never avoid.

An Aging Machine

It is common for the machines to cause noises and dust when they age. Furnaces are no different as they get noisier while operating when they start aging. However, repeat noises indicate trouble that needs to be checked immediately.

Metal on Metal Noise

You can easily notice the noise of the scraping of metals on metals. They may be due to the loose blower fan of your furnace. Because loose blower fan is not hanging properly and hit, again and again, that cause noise. It is not a big issue, and you can fix it easily by calling out professionals. However, if the entire housing is broken, it is severe trouble. In this case, you may need to replace your system.

Rattling Noise

A rattling noise can go severe if it remains avoidable. Usually, it is due to a loose panel or screw that causes rattling noise. After turning off your furnace, you can check if there are any loose items that need to be tightened or not. If you find out that there is no loose item, your furnace may indicate a severe problem. For instance, it may occur due to a leak or crack in the heat exchanger. It is highly dangerous because carbon monoxide is leaked from the heat exchanger which eventually can cause death. Try to call a professional contractor as soon as possible because rattling noise is detrimental.

Clicking Noise

You probably have noticed small bits of clicking while turning your furnace on and off. It is nothing to worry about. But if this last for at least a minute or even longer, it indicates trouble. The problem might be with the electrical controls of your furnace which cause clicking noise for a long time. It is a sign of an issue with the gas control, ignition, wiring, or relay. The thermostat can also be a problem that can be fixed easily. Try to get the exact cause from the well-trained contractors and fix it immediately. Avoid attempting yourself.

Screeching and Squealing

Screeching noises can be caused by the loose or damaged blower belts in belt-driven motors. However, there is no way to avoid this noise. The malfunctioning of blower motors leads to squealing noises. Additionally, the problem could be with the bearings or other moving parts of the furnaces as they can be dry. If this is the case, these parts require lubrication in order to function efficiently. Try to remove grime and debris by approaching professional services. Those who take care of maintenance are less likely to experience screeching and squealing noises.

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