How to clean rugs with rug washing equipment?

Rugs add warmth to the floor and give an authentic look to your living area. However, stains and dirt frequently accompany rugs, so knowing how to clean an area rug is essential; here is how you can do it:

  • To begin, gather cleaning tools

Before you start cleaning your rug, make sure you have everything you’ll need. A vacuum, mild dish soap, a dust beater, a sponge, and a bristled brush. You’ll need to use one or a mix of these products depending on the type of rug you have and the fibres it’s comprised.¬† Before you begin the rug washing procedure, ensure you the room is well-ventilated and it’s a bright sunny day.

  • Using a rug beater, remove loose dust or grains

Remove dust and food crumbs from your flooring before brushing it. That will give you a cleaner surface to work on. To do so, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean your rug. If you don’t have access to a vacuum, hang your flooring on the balcony or in the yard and beat it with a carpet beater. You may notice some fibres escaping; they are usually extra fibres.

  • Scrub tough stains

Not all rugs are washable, so check whether you can wash your flooring before going forward with this step. Cotton or synthetic floorings are easy to clean in the washing machine. If your flooring isn’t machine-washable, spot-clean it using a sponge and dish soap from the container. You can also spot-clean the flooring using vinegar and baking soda solution but try it first on a hidden area to avoid damaging your flooring.

  • Allow your flooring to air dry in the Sun

¬†Nothing beats natural sunshine for drying your flooring and killing any leftover bacteria. Consider placing your rug flat rather than on a rack to dry it; so, it doesn’t lose its form. Consider rotating your flooring while drying it so that each section receives ample sunlight. That will keep rug parts from fading unevenly.

If you want a guaranteed result without the hassle of cleaning the rug yourself, you can always go for professional rug cleaning services. Expert rug cleaners are experienced and provide safe rug washing by using advanced cleaning tools and eco-friendly detergents. Rug washing is critical at times, and you may damage the flooring during the cleaning procedure. Hence, it is advisable to connect with professionals and protect your rug from allergens, stains and other damages.