What cleaning agents should I use for cleaning at home?

Most of us do not usually bother to look at the label in the detergents we buy from the supermarket. We mostly dash to the stores and pick any cleaning agent for the purpose of cleaning. This is without the knowledge of the best detergents we can use and for what purpose. This is until you start noticing the effect of the detergent on clothes or the skin. This is where you discover not all the detergents and cleaning agents are used for every kind of cleaning. In this article, we are looking at the type of cleaning agents you can use for cleaning.

  • Detergents.

Detergents are made in different forms, that is solid and liquid, both are made to be soluble in water and help in removing stains. Detergent is used to clean dirt and dust from fabric because they dissolve in water, they are used to separate dirt and dust from the fabric. They are used in cleaning machi8nes and in cleaning surfaces like the Kitchen Wholesalers granite countertops making the surface clean and safe from germs.

  • Bleach.

Bleach is used to clean white clothes, it whitens white clothes. Bleach will remove stains in white clothes but it has one disadvantage in that it weakens fabric fibre. You can use bleach to clean white curtains, bedsheets, and other white materials.

  • Stain remover.

Sometimes you have to remove stains from clothes before washing. A combination of alcohol, mineral spirit and detergent can be used to make a stain remover. The stain remover will clean stains without fading the colour of clothes.

  • Microfiber cloths.

 Microfiber cloths are used in cleaning surfaces. They are absorbent and can be used to dry wet surfaces. These clothes are reusable meaning you can use them for a long period. You need to rinse them and hang them to dry and re-use them in drying wet surfaces and utensils.

  • Vacuum cleaner.

Every home should have a vacuum cleaner. They are essential for cleaning. It is used to suck dust from almost everything including, floor, rugs carpets etc. Proper use of the vacuum cleaner will clean your surfaces and floor effectively.

Good use of these agents will ensure that your house is clean and produces a fresh fragrance. Always be keen to find the best type of cleaning agent for the right cleaning purpose.


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